12. Management and Dissemination

The IEA EBC Annex 60 was conducted from 2012 to 2017 through the collaboration of 42 institutes from 16 countries. The research phase of Annex 60 started on July 1, 2013. The Annex benefited from a strong organizational framework in order to coordinate work between the various researchers world-wide.

12.1. Coordination and Meetings

12.1.1. Semi-Annual Expert Meetings

During the research phase, eight international, semi-annual expert meetings were successfully held and most of the expert meetings were followed by technical workshops over multiple days:

  • on March 11-12, 2013 at RWTH Aachen, Germany, during the planning phase (50 attendees),
  • on August 23-24, 2013, in Aix-les-Bains, France (54 attendees),
  • on March 8-9, 2013, in Lund, Sweden (50 attendees),
  • on September 15, 16 and 17, 2014, in Berkeley, USA (50 attendees),
  • on April 21 and 22, 2015, in Galway, Ireland (50 attendees),
  • on September 16-18, 2015, in Leuven, Belgium (50 attendees),
  • on May 9-11, 2016, in Miami, USA (30 attendees),
  • on October 22-23, 2016, in Porticcio, France (65 attendees).

12.1.2. Coordination Meetings

In order to synchronize work packages and activities, more than 120 coordination meetings and web conferences were conducted within the activities and among the leaders since the start of Annex 60. Minutes of these activities and meetings were continuously organized and disseminated using the Annex-internal bitbucket repository system. The repository system, which included a wiki, was a key resource for organizing collaboration.

12.1.3. Shared Content Management System

In order to support joint collaboration, documentation, report and code management, a cross-platform, cloud-based repository system, called Bitbucket, was utilized and maintained by the operating agents. The system provides version control using git and is recommended for managing future Annex projects.

12.2. Publications and Outreach

12.2.1. Annex 60 Joint Publications

Besides this final report, Annex 60 published 11 journal articles, 38 conference papers and a Modelica library, which are all accessible at http://www.iea-annex60.org/pubs.html.

12.2.2. Outreach

Several special scientific tracks at national and international conferences were organized to disseminate and promote results of the entire project. In order to represent the Annex in a consistent manner, a common text for the acknowledgement section of papers was formulated and distributed to all participants. The Annex 60 project gained a high international visibility through, among others, the following outreach activities:

  • multiple announcements in the Newsletters of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA),
  • announcements in the Newsletter of its US-Affiliate IBPSA-USA,
  • announcements in the Newsletter of the Modelica Association,
  • presentation at the SimBuild 2012 conference in Madison, WI, USA,
  • presentation of the Annex at the International Symposium “EnTool 2013 Symposium, Workshop & Summer School” in Dresden, Germany,
  • presentation at the Modelica North-America User Meeting in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in May 2013,
  • presentation at the IBPSA-USA meeting in Dallas, TX, in January 2013,
  • presentation at a special conference track at the international Building Simulation conference in August 2013 in France,
  • implementation of a special conference track at the BauSIM 2014 conference in Aachen, Germany,
  • receiving the Best Paper Award for an Annex 60 paper out of 100 presentations at BauSIM 2014,
  • implementation of a special conference track at the ASHRAE/IBPSA-USA Building Simulation Conference in 2014,
  • presentations at the SIAM Annual Meeting in the USA in 2014,
  • organization of special tracks at the Building Simulation 2015 conference in Hyderabad, India, where 28 joint papers were presented from the Annex 60 framework,
  • presentations at a public workshop sponsored by the Netherlands and Flanders chapter of the IBPSA,
  • presentations in 2016 at a public Annex 60 workshop with hands-on training by IBPSA-France,
  • presentations at the Clima 2016 conference in Aalborg, Denmark,
  • presentations at the ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016 conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA,
  • presentations within a special track at the BauSIM 2016 conference in Dresden, Germany,
  • invited presentation about Annex 60 and IBPSA Project 1 at the IBPSA-England BSO 2016 conference in Newcastle, England,
  • presentation at the Modelica North America Users’ Group meeting in Troy, Michigan in 2016,
  • invited presentation at the international conference of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) in 2016,
  • presentations at the Modelica conference in Prague in 2017, and
  • presentation of the Annex 60 / IBPSA Project 1 continuation framework at the Building Simulation 2017 conference in San Francisco, USA.

Furthermore, progress of the Annex 60 framework was disseminated in a number of issues of the IEA EBC News.

12.2.3. Annex 60 Web Site

The public Annex 60 web site is accessible at http://www.iea-annex60.org. This page also host papers that resulted from the Annex 60 collaboration, lists participants and their respective contact information.